Butterfly Steering Wheel

  This is the best Butterfly steering wheel available . The unique finger grips ensure positive control, this special ergonomic design provides a difference that you can feel.   Additionally the spokes of the wheel features smooth radius edges , this eliminates the sharp edges that can cut your hands.. Both the steering wheel and the grips have hidden lightening pockets  to remove unnecessary weight. The heat-treated aluminum is precision CNC machined and beautifully Micro-polished.

  The grips are available in a large selection of Pro-Werks Brilliance Anodized colors or Micro-polished aluminum.  Measures 6-5/8" tall and 7-1/2" wide. 

  For mounting convenience a  Pre-drilled  4-bolt mounting hole option is available. This is the same bolt pattern as the Pro-werks quick release steering hub, and several other manufacturers 4 bolt steering hubs. The drilled mounting option measures .750" x 1.648" with 3/16" diameter holes.

 Proudly made in the USA.

ImagePart NumberDescriptionPrice 
C42-480 C42-480 $65.95 Add to Cart
C42-480-B C42-480-B $65.95 Add to Cart
C42-480-B-D C42-480-B-D $70.95 Add to Cart
C42-480-D C42-480-D $70.95 Add to Cart
C42-482 C42-482 $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-482-B C42-482-B $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-482-B-D C42-482-B-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-482-D C42-482-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-484 C42-484 $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-484-B C42-484-B $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-484-B-D C42-484-B-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-484-D C42-484-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-486 C42-486 $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-486-B C42-486-B $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-486-B-D C42-486-B-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-486-D C42-486-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-487 C42-487 $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-487-B C42-487-B $104.95 Add to Cart
C42-487-B-D C42-487-B-D $109.95 Add to Cart
C42-487-D C42-487-D $109.95 Add to Cart