Stainless Steel Donuts

   Perfect for custom exhaust systems or intake manifold fabrication where tight bends are required.  May be cut to accommodate any degree of bend necessary , each Donut is capable of providing many pieces, and are often used in conjunction with regular U-bends . The inner seam requires finish welding after cutting.

   One distinct advantage of a Donut over a conventional tight radius U-bend, is the wall thickness is more consistent . This provides additional durability over mandrel bent counterparts when needed, as the outside of the bend is not stretched paper thin. This is a result of the special method of manufacturing of a Donut

   These tight radius Donuts are " 1-D " , which means the center line radius is equal to the outside diameter of the tube. 

   Example :  2 in.outside diameter tubing of a Donut is formed on a 2 line radius. 

   Available in both mild steel or 304 stainless steel


One donut provides many bends - an excellent value!

ImagePart NumberDescriptionPrice 
C76-560-SS C76-560-SS $107.95 Add to Cart
C76-561-SS C76-561-SS $126.95 Add to Cart
C76-562-SS C76-562-SS $126.95 Add to Cart
C76-563-SS C76-563-SS $126.95 Add to Cart
C76-564-SS C76-564-SS $126.95 Add to Cart
C76-565-SS C76-565-SS $126.95 Add to Cart
C76-566-SS C76-566-SS $149.95 Add to Cart
C76-567-SS C76-567-SS $149.95 Add to Cart
C76-568-SS C76-568-SS $149.95 Add to Cart
C76-569-SS C76-569-SS $185.95 Add to Cart
C76-570-SS C76-570-SS $229.95 Add to Cart