Stainless Steel Donuts

Perfect for custom exhaust systems or intake manifold fabrication where tight bends are required.  May be cut to accommodate any degree of bend necessary, each Donut is capable of providing many pieces, and are often used in conjunction with regular U-bends. The inner seam requires finish welding after cutting.

One distinct advantage of a Donut over a conventional tight radius U-bend, is the wall thickness is more consistent. This provides additional durability over mandrel bent counterparts when needed, as the outside of the bend is not stretched paper thin. This is a result of the special method of manufacturing of a Donut.

These tight radius Donuts are "1-D", which means the center line radius is equal to the outside diameter of the tube. 

Example: 2 in.outside diameter tubing of a Donut is formed on a 2 in. center line radius. 

Available in both mild steel or 304 stainless steel


One donut provides many bends - an excellent value!

Image Part Number Description Price  
C76-560-SS C76-560-SS $113.95 Add to Cart
C76-561-SS C76-561-SS $134.95 Add to Cart
C76-562-SS C76-562-SS $134.95 Add to Cart
C76-563-SS C76-563-SS $134.95 Add to Cart
C76-564-SS C76-564-SS $134.95 Add to Cart
C76-565-SS C76-565-SS $134.95 Add to Cart
C76-566-SS C76-566-SS $175.95 Add to Cart
C76-567-SS C76-567-SS $175.95 Add to Cart
C76-568-SS C76-568-SS $175.95 Add to Cart
C76-569-SS C76-569-SS $219.95 Add to Cart
C76-570-SS C76-570-SS $269.95 Add to Cart