The CNC Dual Cylinder brake pedal assemblies feature a built-in adjustable balance bar for fine tuning the desired front to rear braking pressure. Available in several styles to meet your vehicles design requirements, with a choice of round or square reservoir master cylinders. 

  Dual cylinder assemblies also provide the ability to select appropriate sized master cylinder for the correct volume for your front brake system and rear brake system. This option with the adjustable balance bar feature is the right way to outfit your vehicle.

  Additionally, because you have two independent cylinders with their own reservoirs, should you blow a line or a seal, the entire system will not leak fluid out. This is a great safety feature, that is not available when trying to use a single master cylinder to feed both the front and rear brakes.

  The built-in 3/8"-24 threaded balance bar may be manually adjusted, or remote adjusted with the optional cable Balance Bar adjuster kit.

  If you are uncertain about your master cylinder sizing requirements, please contact our experienced technical team with your specifications for proper selection.