BUTTERFLY STEERING WHEEL - DRILLED (Red Grips on Brilliance Anodized Silver Wheel)BUTTERFLY STEERING WHEEL - DRILLED (Red Grips on Brilliance Anodized Silver Wheel)Rear View of Butterfly Steering WheelBolt Pattern on Butterfly Steering WheelUnique Finger Grips Ensure Positive ControlPocketing provides hidden weight savingsPocketing provides hidden weight savings
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BUTTERFLY STEERING WHEEL - DRILLED (Red Grips on Brilliance Anodized Silver Wheel)

Measures 6-5/8 in. tall X 7-1/2 in. wide.

3/16 in. Bolt Holes on a 0.750 in x 1.650 in Bolt Pattern

Mounting flange area is 1.375 in. x 2.312 in.

Made in the USA

Soft edges matter.

Handle your business in style with the best-engineered Butterfly steering wheel on the planet.  The unique contoured finger grips are a signature feature, available only on a Pro-werks Butterfly wheel. Optimum control is the name of the game here - the exclusive ergonomic design provides a difference that you can feel.

The wheel is available in your choice of Brilliance Silver or Brilliance Black anodized finish for lasting beauty and added durability; select one of the many grip colors for the right combination in your cockpit.

Great grips. Great colors.

The shapely contoured grips are available in a selection of  Pro-Werks Brilliance Anodized colors; red, blue, black or the beautifully Micro-polished aluminum - all of these finishes are impeccable.

Another hidden bonus; both the base steering wheel and grips have hidden lightening pockets to remove unnecessary weight, making the Pro-werks Butterfly Wheel combo the lightest available using aluminum grips. The heat-treated aluminum of both the wheel and grips are precision CNC machined - there's nothing plastic here to fail.

Safer by design.

Pro-Werks butterfly steering wheels are CNC machined with smooth radius edges - eliminating sharp corners that can cut or bruise your hands in a mishap. Other methods of production; die-cutting, laser or water jet that competitors use, simply can't cut it.

Yes, it takes extra time to produce this detail, but we know you will appreciate the added safety from this important feature.

You and your car deserve the best - your hands are going to love it!

Typical uses for a Butterfly Wheel:

  • Dragsters
  • Funny Cars
  • Altereds
  • Junior Dragsters
  • Pulling Tractors
  • Go Karts

More options:

Button Tab

If you need to install a single switch or button within a thumbs reach, we offer the Button tab version wheel.

Pre-drilled Base

When bolting to one of the many popular quick release 4-bolt steering hubs (Pro-werks, Mark Williams or Strange) to a dragster butterfly steering wheel - we offer the convenient pre-drilled base option.

This bolt pattern measures .750" x 1.650" with 3/16" diameter holes.

Why struggle - for less than the cost of a burger, you can get the bolt pattern drilled and positioned correctly for a simple installation.

The wheel assembly measures 6-5/8" tall and 7-1/2" wide.

The Pro-Werks’ Butterfly Wheels are proudly made in the USA.

Bring it all together.

Quick Release Steering Hubs

See our Quick Release Steering Hub offerings to learn more about the lightweight, easy to use Pro-werks SFI certified steering hubs.

Customer Comments:

"I received my steering wheel yesterday; absolutely love it! Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service."
             – Mark L. of Oklahoma, USA

Butterfly Steering Wheel: C42-484-D
Center To Cente: 0.75 in.
Width: 7.5 in.
Depth: 6.625 in.
Height: 5.5 in.
Hole Diameter: 0.188 in.
Center To Center: 1.650 in.