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Hole Diameter 3/8 in.
Ball Width 0.813 in.
22 Degrees of Misalignment
Radial Load Capacity 11,781 LBS
Teflon Liner is self lubricating

  These special high misalignment rod ends are based on the "XA" series rod ends and feature large body and threaded shank with a special ball with shoulders. Three piece construction, with body, ball and race. This type of construction allows for the use of different metals for each component part. The body is manufactured out of 4130 steel alloy, which is heat treated, and zinc plated. Specifications for the race are heat treated alloy steel, zinc plated, and chromate treated materials. The special ball is made from 52100 steel (AMS-7440) and is heat treated, and hard chrome plated and also includes built in shoulders, providing additional misalignment without the use of spacers. The durable Teflon liner provides additional wear resistance.

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PTFE Liner?

The military spec Teflon race greatly increases dynamic wear characteristics, making this the ideal choice for 4-links and ladder bars. This PTFE lined option is not to be confused with other rod end manufacturers' soft Nylon races.

Radial Static Load Capacity?

These loads are based upon the minimal mechanical properties of the design configuration of the stressed areas. The Operation Load Capacity of Aurora rod ends is based upon the Radial Static Load Rating. Appropriate safety factors should be utilized with the application. Full rotation assemblies up to 100 rpm should not exceed 10% of the radial static load.

Axial Load Capacity?

Axial static load is the force that is applied through the bore of the ball. Maximum axial static load capacity is recommended at 15% of the radial static load for Aurora two piece rod ends, 10% for three piece rod ends.

Bearing Misalignment?

A rod end or spherical bearings ability to misalign is measured by the degree of angle the ball can accommodate without interference.

Rod End: HXAM6-T
Thickness: 0.355 in.
Shoulder Diameter: 0.512 in.
Degrees of Misalignment: 22°
R.H. Threads: 7/16-20
Width: 1.15 in.
Hole Diameter: 0.375 in.
Height to Centerline: 2.125 in.
Thread Length: 1.281 in.
Ball Width: 0.813 in.