Image Part Number Description Price Unit
400040 400040 $6.63/foot Feet
400060 400060 $7.68/foot Feet
400080 400080 $8.81/foot Feet
400100 400100 $9.93/foot Feet
400120 400120 $10.87/foot Feet
400160 400160 $14.03/foot Feet
400200 400200 $19.47/foot Feet
400240 400240 $21.79/foot Feet

Perform-O-Flex Hose

Earl's Perform-O-Flex stainless braid-protected synthetic rubber hose is premium quality racing hose depended on by the top racing teams of every professional sanctioning body in the world. The hose is flexible at temperatures ranging from -40°F to +300°F. Perform-O-Flex hose is intended for use with Swivel-Seal, Auto-Fit, and Econ-O-Fit ends only.