Image Part Number Description Price  
1402-B 1402-B $12.80 Add to Cart
1402-R 1402-R $12.80 Add to Cart
422-AB-3-4 422-AB-3-4 $141.00 Add to Cart
422-SB-3-4 422-SB-3-4 $141.00 Add to Cart
452-AB-3-4 452-AB-3-4 $141.00 Add to Cart
452-SB-3-4 452-SB-3-4 $141.00 Add to Cart
925 925 $48.00 Add to Cart
926 926 $48.00 Add to Cart


  The CNC cutting brake, are also referred to as a steering brake or turning brake. When plumbed in-line, these cutting brakes provide individual hand brake control of right rear or left rear wheel.

  When turning the steering wheel doesn't take you in the direction as quickly as you would like to go, reach for the cutting brake. It is a great steering aid, that adds fun to your driving experience.

  The quality aluminum base unit, includes the chromed steel handle topped off with anodized billet aluminum knob.

  Made in the USA