Image Part Number Description Price Unit
AB10 AB10 $41.76 Each
AB10-T AB10-T $45.76 Each
AB12 AB12 $59.58 Each
AB12-T AB12-T $63.58 Each
AB14-T-70 AB14-T-70 $137.78 Each
AB3 AB3 $19.38 Each
AB4 AB4 $19.40 Each
AB5 AB5 $19.72 Each
AB6 AB6 $22.98 Each
AB6-T AB6-T $26.78 Each
AB7 AB7 $28.56 Each
AB7-T AB7-T $32.36 Each
AB8 AB8 $34.56 Each
AB8-T AB8-T $38.36 Each
AM10 AM10 $41.76 Each
AM10-T AM10-T $45.76 Each
AM12 AM12 $59.58 Each
AM12-T AM12-T $63.58 Each
AM14-T-70 AM14-T-70 $137.78 Each
AM3 AM3 $19.38 Each

Aurora Rod Ends

Proven in racing, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. Aurora began making Rod Ends in 1971, since that time they've became the Trusted name in motion transfer. "Hands down" you can depend the Aurora brand for quality, reliability, and performance. Their quality control methods ensure that the key metal-to-metal contact between the bearing components provides high strength and smooth operation.

Also often referred to as Heim Joints, Spherical Bearings or Rose Joints. Aurora Rod End bearings are built to last. These are critical components of suspension design and should not be compromised by using weak or inferior copies that are subject to pre-mature failure. Long gone is the sweetness of a few pennies saved, when your car is wadded up because the poorly built unit fails.

We carry an extensive selection of Aurora Rod Ends, in a large variety of sizes, male and female. Listed here are both mild steel and chromoly rod ends, and inserts that are on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. For extra wear resistance and the reduction in lubrication requirement, we highly recommend the PTFE liner option.

Consistent with the Chassis Shop's reputation for adding value, we also are helping you save your hard earned dollars by offering additional discounts on purchases of 10 or more pieces.

Save an additional 10% off retail price on
any combination of 10 or more rod ends