Image Part Number Description Price  
AB10-T AB10-T $45.76 Add to Cart
AB12-T AB12-T $63.58 Add to Cart
AB14-T-70 AB14-T-70 $137.78 Add to Cart
AB6-T AB6-T $26.78 Add to Cart
AB7-T AB7-T $32.36 Add to Cart
AB8-T AB8-T $38.36 Add to Cart


A Series Rod-Ends

The "A" series consists of a body, ball and race. This type of construction allows for the use of different metals for each component part. The body is manufactured out of 4130 steel alloy, which is heat treated, cadmium plated and chromate treated. Specifications for the race are heat treated alloy steel, zinc plated, and chromate treated materials. The ball is made from 52100 steel (AMS-7440) and is heat treated and hard chrome plated.