Image Part Number Description Price  
130-0047 130-0047 $10.94 Add to Cart
130-0053 130-0053 $10.94 Add to Cart
130-2655 130-2655 $8.94 Add to Cart
130-2658 130-2658 $8.94 Add to Cart
130-4346 130-4346 $8.94 Add to Cart
180-0054 180-0054 $9.65/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart
180-0055 180-0055 $9.65/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart
180-0056 180-0056 $9.65/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart
180-3862 180-3862 $11.10/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
190-3650 190-3650 $23.26/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
190-3650-A 190-3650-A $17.57/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
190-3651 190-3651 $17.57/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
200-0300 200-0300 $29.94 Add to Cart
200-7518 200-7518 $11.94 Add to Cart
200-7528 200-7528 $11.94 Add to Cart
200-7532 200-7532 $11.94 Add to Cart
210-6725 210-6725 $6.04 Add to Cart
220-0627 220-0627 $10.42/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
230-0204 230-0204 $9.94/Pkg of 4 Add to Cart
230-0233-D 230-0233-D $9.94/Pkg of 8 Add to Cart

Brake Accessories

Caliper Replacement Parts

We stock all the necessary replacement parts to rebuild Wilwood calipers.

Caliper Mount Brackets

Replacement caliper mount brackets for rear drag kits. Sold in pairs.

Wheel Stud

Compatible with front and rear disc brake kits. 1/2"-20 x 3" long.

Adapter Kit

This kit adapts the tandem master cylinder to either Wilwood single composite pedal assembly.

"Pull Style" Slave Cylinder

Black anodized aircraft aluminum housing, non-corrosive piston, fully adjustable. Comes complete with fitting, bleeder valve, and 5/16" rod end. Has 7/8" diameter bore x 1-3/8" stroke.

Hi-Temp Brake Fluid

Specially formulated Wilwood brake fluid lubricates and cleans internal brake components. 570 degree dry boiling point exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 requirements by over 100 degrees.

Residual Pressure Valves

Anodized aluminum valve holds pressure on your brake system, enough to maintain a firm pedal without brake drag.

Brake Gauge

0-1500 PSI easy-read gauge allows you to quickly read line pressure for accurate master cylinder and brake bias set up.

Adjustable Portioning Valve

Fast and effective method to positively adjust front and rear brakes. Specifically designed to correct braking imbalance. Ideal for disc and drum brakes. Features 1/8" NPT ports with 3/8-24 IF fittings.

Quick-Release Steering Hub

Anodized aluminum steering hub with special weld-on inner steel shaft. Spring-loaded quick release pin stays on the hub at all times. Popular 3-bolt pattern with 1-3/4" bolt circle uses 5/16" mount bolts.