Image Part Number Description Price Unit
ST4001 ST4001 $325.00 Each
ST4001-L-A ST4001-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4001-L-S ST4001-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4002 ST4002 $325.00 Each
ST4002-L-S ST4002-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4003 ST4003 $325.00 Each
ST4003-L-A ST4003-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4003-L-S ST4003-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4004 ST4004 $325.00 Each
ST4004-L-A ST4004-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4004-L-S ST4004-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4005 ST4005 $325.00 Each
ST4005-L-A ST4005-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4005-L-S ST4005-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4007 ST4007 $325.00 Each
ST4007-L-A ST4007-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4007-L-S ST4007-L-S $680.00 Each
ST4008 ST4008 $325.00 Each
ST4008-L-A ST4008-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4008-L-S ST4008-L-S $680.00 Each

Stopping never felt so good!

For over 15 years, the Stroud name has signified quality and performance in racing safety. Their innovative tri-form design parachutes provide easier packing and a softer stop than larger quad-form designs. That means more control during your stops and less hassle when getting ready for the next run. Racers love these benefits of the Stroud Parachute.

Stroud Safety also pioneered the "launcher" technology and has built a reputation on quality materials and superb craftsmanship.

The Chassis Shop carries Stroud Safety Products because we know safety must always be the number one priority for every driver.