Image Part Number Description Price Unit
ST4001-L-A ST4001-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4003-L-A ST4003-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4004-L-A ST4004-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4005-L-A ST4005-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4007-L-A ST4007-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4008-L-A ST4008-L-A $680.00 Each
ST4101-L-A ST4101-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4101-V-L-A ST4101-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4102-L-A ST4102-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4102-V-L-A ST4102-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4103-L-A ST4103-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4103-V-L-A ST4103-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4104-L-A ST4104-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4104-V-L-A ST4104-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4105-L-A ST4105-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4105-V-L-A ST4105-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4107-L-A ST4107-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4107-V-L-A ST4107-V-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4108-L-A ST4108-L-A $710.00 Each
ST4108-V-L-A ST4108-V-L-A $710.00 Each

Chute with CO2 Launcher

Professional parachute engineers with over 25 years of experience design Stroud chutes. The unique tri-form design launches easier and opens softer than older quad-form designs. A complete set of illustrated maintenance and packing instructions are included with every Stroud parachute.

Parachute includes pack bag and special launcher style Deployment Bag, release cable must be purchased separately (see our Chute Cable Kit).

All chutes listed are available in two other deployment options. They are spring loaded or Pilot Chute

Our standard stocking color is black. Other color choices of red, blue, white, hot pink, or yellow may be special ordered.