Image Part Number Description Price  
10-1-065 10-1-065 $0.25/inch Add to Cart
10-112-095 10-112-095 $0.36/inch Add to Cart
10-114-083 10-114-083 $0.35/inch Add to Cart
10-1-156 10-1-156 $1.48/inch Add to Cart
10-158-134 10-158-134 $0.91/inch Add to Cart
10-34-156 10-34-156 $0.56/inch Add to Cart
10-78-156 10-78-156 $0.82/inch Add to Cart
30-12-035 30-12-035 $7.17/foot Add to Cart
30-14-035 30-14-035 $2.68/foot Add to Cart
30-316-035 30-316-035 $7.23/foot Add to Cart
30-38-035 30-38-035 $3.93/foot Add to Cart
41-1-035 41-1-035 $0.57/inch Add to Cart
41-1-049 41-1-049 $0.49/inch Add to Cart
41-1-058 41-1-058 $0.45/inch Add to Cart
41-1-065 41-1-065 $0.39/inch Add to Cart
41-1-083 41-1-083 $0.65/inch Add to Cart
41-1-095 41-1-095 $0.66/inch Add to Cart
41-1-120 41-1-120 $0.87/inch Add to Cart
41-112-049 41-112-049 $1.25/inch Add to Cart
41-112-058 41-112-058 $0.71/inch Add to Cart

Tubing, Bar and Plate

The Chassis Shop stocks a large inventory of chromoly tubing and plate including, mild steel tube for all your fabrication needs. We stock all standard sizes and many hard to find sizes and shapes.

All chromoly 4130 tubing is certified to meet aircraft quality spec MIL T 6736 B. This material often referred to by many different names: chrome moly or chrome alloy or just 4130 tube.

We purchase our 4130N tube in large quantities and are able to pass the savings on to you.

Best of all, you can purchase as much or as little as you need.

We also custom bend chromoly tube and cut to order.

Custom Tube Bending Options

Shipping Costs and Discounts