Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C72-099 C72-099 $4.73 Each
C72-100 C72-100 $38.95 Each
C72-100-BLK C72-100-BLK $42.95 Each
C72-101 C72-101 $46.95 Each
C72-101-BLK C72-101-BLK $50.95 Each
C72-102 C72-102 $46.95 Each
C72-103 C72-103 $46.95 Each
C72-103-BLK C72-103-BLK $50.95 Each
C72-104 C72-104 $46.95 Each
C72-106-BLK C72-106-BLK $53.95 Each
C72-107 C72-107 $49.95 Each
C72-108 C72-108 $49.95 Each
C72-108-BLK C72-108-BLK $53.95 Each
C72-109 C72-109 $49.95 Each
C72-109-BLK C72-109-BLK $53.95 Each
C72-110 C72-110 $49.95 Each
C72-110-BLK C72-110-BLK $53.95 Each
C72-111 C72-111 $52.95 Each
C72-111-BLK C72-111-BLK $56.95 Each
C72-112 C72-112 $52.95 Each

Bottle Mounts

One of many Pro-werks original products. This innovative modular bottle mount system provides the security of full circle bottle clamping, while being easy to load. The easy spin knob provides fast action when needed, and can be replaced with the provided locking hardware for permanent cylinder installations.

These are perfect for nitrous, CO2, fire or fresh air bottles. May be direct mounted on tabs or a flat surface, and also accepts Pro-werks Bar Mounts for clamping on round tubing.

The 6061-T6 billet aluminum is CNC machined for accuracy with a lightweight, attractive design. Mounts have smooth radius outside corners and two 1/4"-20 threaded mount holes with 2-5/8" spacing, measures 1/2" thick.

Now available in Pro-Werks "Brilliance Black" Anodize color, in addition to the already popular beautiful Micro-polish finish.

Bottle Mounts are required by most sanctioning bodies and two mounts per bottle is recommended. Sold Individually.

The diameter listed is the actual bottle diameter. The clamp range is minimal – less than 1/16". To ensure proper fit, measure bottle before ordering.

Proudly made in the USA