Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-612-10 C73-612-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10
C73-613-10 C73-613-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10
C73-614-10 C73-614-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10
C73-615-10 C73-615-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10
C73-616-10 C73-616-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10
C73-617-10 C73-617-10 $28.95 Pkg of 10

Large Quarter Turn Panel Fasteners

These self-locking fasteners are widely used for fastening panels and hoods. They provide an easily operated, positive acting, shake proof fastener. Several styles to choose from. All are functional for steel, aluminum, and fiberglass installations.

These flat head Pro-Stock style buttons accept C73-500-10 tabs with C73-515-10 springs.