CO2 Bottle Knobs

Choose your drive size. Choose your color.

Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C72-250 C72-250 $33.99 Each
C72-251 C72-251 $33.99 Each
C72-252 C72-252 $33.99 Each
C72-253 C72-253 $33.99 Each
C72-254 C72-254 $33.99 Each
C72-260 C72-260 $33.99 Each
C72-261 C72-261 $33.99 Each
C72-262 C72-262 $33.99 Each
C72-263 C72-263 $33.99 Each
C72-264 C72-264 $33.99 Each

A Better Square-Drive Knob

Get a solid grip on that CO2 bottle with a Pro-werks’ Bottle Knob. This lightweight, all-American solution features deep notches, and they match the rest of the Pro-werks’ line up of signature Easy Turn Fill Caps and knobs

Starting with American melt, aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum; we precision machine each knob on one of our multi tasking MAZAK CNC machining centers, then finish them in your choice of anodized black, red, blue, or silver colors; and our popular micro-polished aluminum finish.

Available in two different square drive sizes to accommodate valves found on most CO2 bottles. For proper selection, we recommend that remove your original knob and measure the "square drive" of the bottle valve to confirm your requirement before ordering.

Crafted with pride in Mears, Michigan, USA