Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-353 C42-353 $23.95 Each
C42-353-B C42-353-B $23.95 Each
C42-354 C42-354 $38.95 Each
C42-355 C42-355 $38.95 Each
C42-355-B C42-355-B $38.95 Each
C42-403 C42-403 $29.95 Each
C42-403-A C42-403-A $29.95 Each
C42-403-B C42-403-B $29.95 Each

Weldable Splined Couplers

We offer several types of weldable splined couplers to achieve a proper and secure connection between a steering shaft or drive unit and the steering box when a U-joint is not desired.

The Split-Bolt coupler provides positive clamping on the splines plus the added security of the bolt passing thru the external retaining groove on the pinion. When space or weight savings is a primary concern, the Dual Lock coupler or Straight coupler are two great options to consider.

The Dual Lock coupler has two set screws with locking nuts offset 90 degrees from each other. This dual set screw design draws up the connection thereby eliminating the potential of undesirable lost motion with normal spline clearance. To prevent spline deformation the locking screws are positioned to locate in the external retaining groove of the pinion.

The Straight coupler does not have built-in retention so the installer should incorporate a security method for the specific application.  

The splines in these couplers are precision broached to the correct size and we guarantee they will fit their intended purpose.