Round Chromoly Tubing

Image Part Number Description Price Unit
41-1-035 41-1-035 $0.57/inch Inches
41-1-049 41-1-049 $0.49/inch Inches
41-1-058 41-1-058 $0.45/inch Inches
41-1-065 41-1-065 $0.39/inch Inches
41-1-083 41-1-083 $0.65/inch Inches
41-1-095 41-1-095 $0.66/inch Inches
41-1-120 41-1-120 $0.87/inch Inches
41-112-049 41-112-049 $1.25/inch Inches
41-112-058 41-112-058 $0.71/inch Inches
41-112-065 41-112-065 $0.64/inch Inches
41-112-083 41-112-083 $0.69/inch Inches
41-112-095 41-112-095 $0.82/inch Inches
41-112-120 41-112-120 $1.20/inch Inches
41-114-049 41-114-049 $0.41/inch Inches
41-114-058 41-114-058 $0.54/inch Inches
41-114-065 41-114-065 $0.53/inch Inches
41-114-083 41-114-083 $0.74/inch Inches
41-114-095 41-114-095 $0.70/inch Inches
41-114-120 41-114-120 $0.79/inch Inches
41-118-049 41-118-049 $0.55/inch Inches


In addition to our specialty shapes, we offer a very large selection of premium quality round chromoly tubing. The round chromoly is 4130 condition N and built to MIL T6736 B specs.

We purchase this material in large quantities and pass the savings on to you. Our large in stock inventory is priced right for small orders with additional discounts on full lengths and quantity discounts as listed.

Another bonus when purchasing tubing at the Chassis Shop...There is no minimum or cut charges. That's right, you can purchase the exact amount of tubing needed for your project with having to purchase extra!

We work hard to bring you the best value for your hard earned dollar. Chromoly tubing the way you want it, is another example of why the Chassis Shop leads the way in servicing you with all the fabrication needs in one call.

Round DiagramRound Diagram
Notes on Tubing Lengths and Shipping