Tubing Shipping Details


Full Length Discounts

A special discount is available when purchasing full lengths of tubing, different sizes (Part numbers) may not be mixed to receive the multiple length discount.

Chromoly tubing comes in various "random" lengths, ranging from 17' to 24' long. If you order 3 "Full Lengths" of tubing, you may receive 3 different lengths that are between 17' and 24' long.

Example:  Piece #1 is 18'-2", Piece #2 is 20'-1", Piece #3 is 23'-6"

Due to the random length nature of this product, we are unable guarantee the actual length of a full length piece of tubing for your order, material lengths change with each incoming delivery, and are subject to availability at the time you place your order. Full random lengths must be taken to receive full length discounted pricing.

Call us direct at (800) 530-9494 to take advantage of full length discounted pricing.

Common Carrier Shipping

UPS or USPS (Post office), is usually the fastest and most economical way to ship cut pieces of tubing up to 90 inches long from our location.

When you are taking advantage of full length discount pricing, specify "Full Length, cut 90 inches, plus drop". We can also cut to lesser lengths within reason, at no additional cost to you.

Money saving tip:  Oversized package charges from common carriers may be avoided with orders cut to 48 inches or shorter. There is no cutting charge for orders that are within reason. ( Example: If you order 200 pieces 3 1/2"  inch long, we will need to add a cutting charge )

Truck Shipping

Tubing over 90 inches long requires truck shipment. When using the truck shipment method for full length tubing orders, unless specified, you will receive full random un-cut lengths.

All orders are carefully packaged for safe shipment. We work with several LTL carriers to find the lowest possible shipping cost for truck orders to your location.

Note:  Due to the difficulty in material handling of full length tubing packages, most LTL truck freight carriers often have additional oversized surcharge fees for long length packages.