Choose your size. Clear or Tinted.

Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-014 C42-014 $227.99 Each
C42-015 C42-015 $255.99 Each
C42-020 C42-020 $243.99 Each
C42-021 C42-021 $282.99 Each
C42-024 C42-024 $274.99 Each
C42-025 C42-025 $313.99 Each
C42-026 C42-026 $51.99 Each
C42-027 C42-027 $62.99 Each

Dragster Windscreen

Keep the bugs out of your face with a properly installed Pro-werks windscreen.

Formed out of scratch resistant GE Lexan, available in your choice of either Clear or Smoke (tinted). This 1/8" thick material is easily trimmed either on the top or bottom, and the edges may be finish sanded for final detailing.

Pro-werks windshields are available in a wide variety of sizes-covering both full size dragster windshield needs and junior dragsters.

Each is prepped with a protective coating that dissolves with water before installation .