Dzus Buttons & Panel Fasteners

You've got several options here.

Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Keep it all together with the correct fasteners! Whether you are fabricating body panels from scratch, or already running down the strip at 300 MPH, Pro-werks has the gear to get the job done right.

From aluminum to zinc-plated steel, we’ve got the right choice for your application.

Check out our large selection of Quarter turn buttons, pins and panel fastener accessories - you’ll find what you know you need and more.

Everything needed:

  • Quarter turn buttons
  • Self ejecting fasteners
  • Doubler plates
  • Dzus springs
  • Weld on plates

Pro-werks' specialized panel tools are really cool also. The Dzus wrench is functional and sexy.  Quality dimple dies and transfer punches are handy tools, too.

And the Cleco Fastener & Pliers kit makes panel fabrication easy - it’s like having a third hand to hold your work steady. 

Definitely worth taking a look.