Image Part Number Description Price  
C72-008 C72-008 $44.95 Add to Cart
C72-011 C72-011 $17.95 Add to Cart
C72-013 C72-013 $8.95/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart
C72-015 C72-015 $8.95/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart
C72-019 C72-019 $8.95/Pkg of 10 Add to Cart

The Third Hand

Quick and easy to use, spring-loaded Cleco fasteners are inserted into drilled rivet holes to temporarily hold panels in place during fit up. Cleco pliers are required for installation. Complete kit includes pliers and quantity of 10 each of 3/32", 1/8", and 3/16" diameter Clecos.