Transport Tools

Mileage on the trailer far exceeds time on the track. Any seasoned racer will tell you that more damage happens in the trailer than on the track, this applies to all types of race cars.

By design, dragsters are particularly difficult to tie down.  Long, flexible chassis can cycle up and down in the trailer, causing premature metal fatigue and big tires with sloppy sidewalls tend to slip sideways in transit. Suspended cars are also subjected to similar punishment including increased wear on the suspension and shocks.

The Chassis Stabilizer inflates under a strong cross-member near the center of gravity to reduce a car's bounce in transit. And our L-Shaped wheel chocks work well with most tires to keep the rear of the car from moving out of place. Use only the highest quality tie downs with these important devices to ensure safe transport.

Get the products that get your car to the track in the same shape it left your garage. It makes sense to tie down correctly.