Pro-werks – Exceeding Expectations

Pro-werks Performance Parts have been developed through years of hands-on precision racing fabrication where only the best components and techniques were acceptable. Located in Mears, Michigan, the Pro-werks name was selected to signify the Professionalism of the company’s high quality standards and the high tech Working Facilities (Werks) of the shops that utilize them. This level of high quality fabrication is typical of race shops, custom airplane builders, and specialty fabrication shops.

From the designers and engineers to the experienced machinists and fabricators at Pro-werks, we provide the professional and amateur fabricator state-of-the-art products that are designed and built with a “no compromise” attitude. With every product that has the Pro-werks name, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality fabrication component.

You can count on Pro-werks to do it right!

"I've tried similar products and there is no comparison to Pro-werks quality and performance."
As shared at the PRI Show