5/8-36 X 3/4 BORED U JOINT5/8-36 X 3/4 BORED U JOINT5/8-36 spline3/4 in. bored
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5/8-36 X 3/4 BORED U JOINT

Spline is correctly sized to fit the Stiletto 5/8-36 pinion

5/8-36 female spline
3/4 in. bored inside diameter
1/4-28 NF set screws on splined end

Made in the USA

These durable and dependable smooth operating U-Joints are ideal for high load applications. Precision machined alloy steel bodies are fitted with caged needle bearings and a slight pre-load to create a joint without backlash. This results in enhanced sensitivity at the steering wheel, making even the smallest amount of steering input more effective.

Designed for longevity without compromise; pre-greased and effectively sealed with hi temp O-rings to retain grease in severe conditions. Designed to accept a maximum of 32 degrees of operating angle - for the smoothest result it is recommended not to exceed an angle of 20 degrees.

U-Joint: C42-370
Length: 3.75 in.
Bore: 0.75 in.
Spline: 5/8-36 Spline
Height: 1.375 in.
Outside Diameter: 1.125 in.
Outside Diameter: 1.125 in.