(10) MILD STEEL FLAT TABS(10) MILD STEEL FLAT TABSTab ProfileTab Diagram Inch Ruler is for Reference
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3/16 in. Hole Diameter
1/8 in. Thickness
3/4 in. Height

Made in the USA

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Mild Steel Flat Tabs C73-095-10 C73-096-10 C73-098-4 C73-099-4 C73-101-10 C73-102-10 C73-103-10 C73-104-4 C73-105-4 C73-106-4 C73-107-10 C73-108-4 C73-109-10 C73-110-10 C73-111-10 C73-112-10 C73-113-4 C73-114-4 C73-115-4 C73-116-4 C73-117-4 C73-131-10 C73-132-4 C73-185-4 C73-187-4

This broad selection of shapes and sizes of  Pro-Werks Mild Steel Flat Tabs are die stamped and tumbled to remove sharp edges. The versatility of a simple flat tab is almost endless.

Mild Steel can be successfully welded to both Mild Steel and Chromoly when using the proper filling rod. Always consider selecting Chromoly tabs for applications requiring ultimate strength.

So affordably priced you will want to keep an assortment extras around your workshop for future projects.

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Note: Welding should always be performed by a qualified welder.

Proudly Made in the USA.


Can I weld Mild Steel to Chromoly?


Yes, it is very common to weld Mild Steel to Chromoly or Chromoly to Mild Steel. Success is achieved when using the correct filler rod and welding process.


Tab Diagram: C73-107
Diameter: 0.188 in.
Height: 0.75 in.
Overall Width: 1.875 in.
Overall Height: 1.0 in.
Thickness: 0.125 in.