SOLID ROD END CABLE ENDSOLID ROD END CABLE ENDSolid Rod End InstalledSolid Rod End Shown from Different Angle
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10-32 NF Right Hand Threads

3/16 in. Dia. Hole
(Enough material to open Hole up to 7/16 in. Dia.)

Often used for Shifters.

CNC machined of Billet Aluminum
Vibratory satin finish

Made in the USA

The through hole may be drilled larger to accomodate a larger connection point if needed.

Make the connection.

Our complete Cable Hardware selection includes Clamps, Cable Ends, Knobs and Handles.

For the most efficient and longest cable operating life it is recommended to install the cable so the heaviest load is in a pulling motion whenever possible.
Solid Rod End: C73-380
Thickness: 0.375 in.
Width: 0.710 in.
Thickness: 0.25 in.
Hole Diameter: 0.188 in.
Thread: 10-32
Width: 0.5 in.