NACA Ducts

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-016 C42-016
NACA DUCT 3 in. Hand Laid Fiberglass

3 in. Wide
6-1/2 in. Long
7/8 in. Inlet Depth

Made in the USA
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$60.99 Each
C42-017 C42-017
NACA DUCT 4 in. Hand Laid Fiberglass

4 in. Wide
9 in. Long
1 in. Inlet Depth

Made in the USA
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$67.99 Each
C42-030 C42-030
NACA DUCT 7 in. Hand Laid Fiberglass

7 in. Wide
14 in. Long
2 in. Inlet Depth

Made in the USA
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$101.99 Each

Keep your cool with NACA Ducts

Similar to an airplane, drag is undesirable for a race car. Every bit of drag on an airplane, a rocket or a race car; limits the maximum speed and increases the amount of fuel consumed.

Developed with optimum performance in mind, the unique shape of the NACA duct effectively transfers air in, or out where needed with minimal drag.

Benefits include:

  • Low drag
  • Introducing fresh air
  • Extracting undesirable heat
  • Balancing air pressure

Pro-werks NACA ducts are lightweight, hand laid fiberglass construction, and provide a positive low resistance method of air transfer. The mounting flange measures approximately 1" wide, and is easily installed with either bonding compound, rivets or small screws - on fiberglass, aluminum, or steel body panels.

Depending on which direction that they are mounted, NACA ducts effectively provide an intake for fresh air where needed, or remove it. These specialized components will help your project come together with great style and increased performance.

Install multiples for increased volume:

There are three sizes of Pro-werks NACA ducts to choose from, if the available space or panel shape dictates it, they may be mounted individually or in multiples (side by side) for additional airflow volume.

Proudly Made in the USA

What's NACA mean?   The NACA acronym stands for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. NACA was the predecessor of NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration).