Hi-Velocity 4 Barrel Manifold

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Produce More Horsepower

When the old standard was an inefficient cast aluminum manifold, we knew we could do better. Fast forward and you’ll find the original manifolds have been converted to door stops, making way for the efficient design that was born by Pro-werks.

This volumetric efficient smooth radius design outflows cast aluminum manifolds by 10%. High velocity eliminates fuel puddling resulting in a cleaner mixture with improved throttle response. Lightweight sheet aluminum construction features quality TIG welding and Micro-polishing. Optional defrost tube may have warm water or oil circulated through it to reduce condensation in cool or damp running conditions.

It’s really quite simple: The engine is an air pump. The more air and fuel you can deliver efficiently the more horsepower your engine may produce.

There are several combinations available for proper fitment. Restrictive adapters are not required.

These are manifold works of art, beautifully crafted at the Pro-werks facility.

Proudly made in the USA.