Control Lever Replacement Grips

  These two-piece aluminum grip sets fit Pro-Werks control levers. Contoured for maximum comfort and control. The grips are available in a large selection of Pro-Werks eye catching Brilliance Anodized colors or Micro-polished aluminum. Includes stainless fasteners. 

  Proudly made in the USA .

Image Part Number Description Price  
C42-540 C42-540 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-540-R C42-540-R $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-541 C42-541 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-542 C42-542 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-543 C42-543 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-570 C42-570 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-570-R C42-570-R $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-571 C42-571 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-572 C42-572 $47.95 Add to Cart
C42-573 C42-573 $47.95 Add to Cart