Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C52-302 C52-302 $98.95 Each
C52-303 C52-303 $146.95 Each
C52-311 C52-311 $116.95 Each
C52-312 C52-312 $162.95 Each
C52-321 C52-321 $139.95 Each
C52-322 C52-322 $185.95 Each
C52-324 C52-324 $135.95 Each
C52-326 C52-326 $181.95 Each
C52-336 C52-336 $151.95 Each
C52-337 C52-337 $197.95 Each
C52-346 C52-346 $151.95 Each
C52-347 C52-347 $197.95 Each
C52-356 C52-356 $151.95 Each
C52-357 C52-357 $197.95 Each
C52-366 C52-366 $151.95 Each
C52-367 C52-367 $197.95 Each
C52-421 C52-421 $197.95 Each
C52-424 C52-424 $193.95 Each
C52-436 C52-436 $208.95 Each
C52-446 C52-446 $208.95 Each

Accurately Machined is Better

Using a motor mounting plate provides increased chassis strength, and allows for easy engine installation and removal. These maybe trimmed to fit your specific application. 

All of the Pro-werks Motor Plates are precision CNC machined from premium 6061-T6 aluminum to exact tolerances for optimum fit and finish. This method of manufacturing is superior to die stamping or water jet cutting, that has grown to be popular by other manufacturers.

Proper engine alignment can only be achieved with accurate locating of the engine to the drive train. This is an area that should not be compromised.
You can always count on Pro-werks to do it right!

Proudly made in the USA.