Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-010 C73-010 $8.95 Pkg of 100
C73-011 C73-011 $8.95 Pkg of 100
C73-012 C73-012 $8.95 Pkg of 100
C73-013 C73-013 $10.95 Pkg of 100
C73-014 C73-014 $12.95 Pkg of 100
C73-015 C73-015 $19.95 Pkg of 100

AN Washers

These AN flat washers by Pro-werks are specialty flat washers, made of non-hardened steel and are cadmium plated (gold in color). AN washers have a smaller outside diameter than flat washers that are commonly found in many industrial applications. Their primary purpose in the aircraft industry is to provide a smooth bearing surface under a hex nut allowing for index alignment of cotter pin holes or as shims to obtain the proper grip length needed on the fastener. Performance minded builders also prefer AN washers for applications where space availability is limited, and to save weight.

Conveniently packaged in quantities of 100.