Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-463-2 C73-463-2 $6.10 Pkg of 2
C73-463-20 C73-463-20 $54.90 Bag of 20
C73-464-2 C73-464-2 $6.10 Pkg of 2
C73-464-20 C73-464-20 $54.90 Bag of 20
C73-465-2 C73-465-2 $7.00 Pkg of 2
C73-465-20 C73-465-20 $63.00 Bag of 20
C73-466-2 C73-466-2 $7.00 Pkg of 2
C73-466-20 C73-466-20 $63.00 Bag of 20
C73-467-2 C73-467-2 $7.50 Pkg of 2
C73-467-20 C73-467-20 $67.50 Bag of 20
C73-468-2 C73-468-2 $7.50 Pkg of 2
C73-468-20 C73-468-20 $67.50 Bag of 20

Safety Washers

 Precision CNC machined mild steel is gold zinc-plated for long lasting corrosion resistance. The radius under cut design allows for maximum rod end misalignment angle. The primary purpose is to create retention of the rod end should the unit fail. Safety Washers may also be used on each side of the rod end as spacers, allowing full range of motion.

 Conveniently sold in packaged quantities of 2 or 20.