Weld-In Slot Clevises

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-962-2 C73-962-2 $16.99 Pkg of 2
C73-962-20 C73-962-20 $135.99 Bag of 20
C73-964-2 C73-964-2 $16.99 Pkg of 2
C73-964-20 C73-964-20 $135.99 Bag of 20
C73-965-2 C73-965-2 $18.99 Pkg of 2
C73-965-20 C73-965-20 $151.99 Bag of 20
C73-966-2 C73-966-2 $18.99 Pkg of 2
C73-966-20 C73-966-20 $151.99 Bag of 20
C73-970-2 C73-970-2 $20.99 Pkg of 2
C73-970-20 C73-970-20 $167.99 Bag of 20
C73-976-2 C73-976-2 $21.99 Pkg of 2
C73-976-20 C73-976-20 $175.99 Bag of 20
C73-978-2 C73-978-2 $21.99 Pkg of 2
C73-978-20 C73-978-20 $175.99 Bag of 20
C73-987-2 C73-987-2 $22.99 Pkg of 2
C73-987-20 C73-987-20 $183.99 Bag of 20
C73-988-2 C73-988-2 $22.99 Pkg of 2
C73-988-20 C73-988-20 $183.99 Bag of 20
C73-995-2 C73-995-2 $41.99 Pkg of 2
C73-995-20 C73-995-20 $335.99 Bag of 20

The Better Slot Clevis

Pro-werks weld-in slot clevises assist in overcoming many challenging linkage related fabrication obstacles. Precision CNC machined from Chromoly Steel (4130N) for extra strength and vibratory finished


Engineered to fit a large selection of tubing sizes ranging  from 1/2" up to 1-3/4" outside diameter in a variety of wall thicknesses. Several combinations of slot widths and hole sizes add the the versatility of this selection.

Popular uses include:
  • Linkages
  • Wheelie Bars
  • Seat Mounts
  • Wing Struts
  • Radiator supports

Note the radius's in the both base of the slot and on flats; this extra detail creates a stronger clevis by eliminating sharp inside corners. Sharp corners can create undesirable stress risers - areas for cracks to develop. As always we are focused on bringing you only the best available.

You can always count on Pro-Werks to do it right.

Anatomy of a great Slot Clevis:

There is so much riding on these components, it’s worth using the best parts available.

Available in pack quantities as listed, or bulk form in conveniently packaged bags of 20 for volume users. Buy more, save more!

Quantity discounts are available, call or email us for your special requests.

Note: Welding should always be performed by a qualified welder.

Proudly made in the USA.