Image Part Number Description Price Unit
120-5453 120-5453 $89.19 Each
120-5456 120-5456 $89.19 Each
150-4091-K 150-4091-K $50.30 Pkg of 4

PS-1 Caliper

Compact and lightweight (only 0.93 pounds), this caliper combines the strength of cast aluminum construction with a sleek low profile design. Caliper utilizes two stainless steel deep cup pistons to minimize heat transfer from the 0.30" thick pads to the brake fluid while employing high temperature square piston seals to control piston retraction. Internal crossover brake fluid passages eliminate the use of external crossover tubes. The PS-1 fits rotors with diameters ranging from 6.00" to 9.00", and thickness sizes from 0.15" to 0.20".