Full Height Nylock Nuts

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-031 C73-031 $6.99 Pkg of 6
C73-033 C73-033 $6.99 Pkg of 6
C73-035 C73-035 $7.99 Pkg of 6
C73-037 C73-037 $7.99 Pkg of 6
C73-039 C73-039 $8.99 Pkg of 6
C73-041 C73-041 $8.99 Pkg of 6
C73-043 C73-043 $8.99 Pkg of 6
C73-045 C73-045 $9.99 Pkg of 6

Full Height – Full Strength

A Full Height Nylock Nut may be used in either tension or shear applications.  The nylon insert serves as a retention device for the fastener.