Image Part Number Description Price  
C73-201-20 C73-201-20 $146.40 Add to Cart
C73-201-4 C73-201-4 $29.28 Add to Cart
C73-202-20 C73-202-20 $83.60 Add to Cart
C73-202-4 C73-202-4 $16.72 Add to Cart
C73-203-20 C73-203-20 $83.60 Add to Cart
C73-203-4 C73-203-4 $16.72 Add to Cart
C73-207-20 C73-207-20 $74.20 Add to Cart
C73-207-4 C73-207-4 $14.84 Add to Cart
C73-211-20 C73-211-20 $59.60 Add to Cart
C73-211-4 C73-211-4 $11.92 Add to Cart

Chromoly Bent Tabs

These high-strength Pro-werks chromoly chassis brackets take the hassle out of trying to cut & drill 4130 bracketry.  Another added bonus is the removal of sharp edges from the tumbling process .  Affordably  priced , and made right here in the USA.