Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-155 C73-155 $9.49 Each
C73-156 C73-156 $9.49 Each
C73-157 C73-157 $9.49 Each
C73-158 C73-158 $9.49 Each
C73-159 C73-159 $9.49 Each
C73-165-20 C73-165-20 $22.95 Bag of 20
C73-165-4 C73-165-4 $4.95 Pkg of 4
C73-169-20 C73-169-20 $28.95 Bag of 20
C73-169-4 C73-169-4 $5.95 Pkg of 4

Mount Shocks the Easy Way

Mild Steel Gussets
Top: C73-155 C73-156
Left Side: C73-157
Right Side: C73-158
Bottom: C73-159

Our large selection of quality die stamped mild steel tabs will save you time and money! No more cutting or filing; we've got a tab for every need...and at an affordable price.