Dragster Pedal Assembly

Lightweight yellow zinc-plated chromoly pedals glide on a nylon bushed aircraft aluminum cross shaft. Multiple snap ring grooves enable side to side positioning of pedals on shaft, total adjustment is 1-1/4" per pedal in 1/4" increments. Standard features include non-skid surface on brake pedal and toe hook style gas pedal. Assembly includes chromoly mounting tabs and hardware.

Image Part Number Description Price  
C42-070 C42-070 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-071 C42-071 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-072 C42-072 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-073 C42-073 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-074 C42-074 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-075 C42-075 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-076 C42-076 $35.95 Add to Cart
C42-091 C42-091 $79.95 Add to Cart
C42-092 C42-092 $79.95 Add to Cart
C42-094-4 C42-094-4 $3.04 Add to Cart
C42-110 C42-110 $19.95 Add to Cart
C73-273-2 C73-273-2 $28.95 Add to Cart