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5 in. Wide
5 in. Long
1/16 in. Thick

Raw Aluminum with vibratory satin finish

Includes mounting hardware

Made in the USA

Speed does matter

When there's business behind a panel, the Pro-werks Access Door can provide a means to get it done quickly. The unique aeronautical styled door adds a nice touch of class. Available in two sizes - opening up access for many possibilities.

Provides easy access:

  • Bottle knobs
  • Fluid filling
  • Electronics
  • Adjustments
  • Secret squirrel storage box

These complete easy to install kits include; aluminum door, stop flange, hinge, flush mount access door release, and mounting hardware.

All you need to install is a few tools and a little determination.

Proudly Made in the USA.
Small Access Door Kit: C73-490
Overall Length: 6.375 in.
Overall Width: 6.0 in.
Long: 5.0 in.
Wide: 5.0 in.
Access Door Release: C73-480
Center To Center: 1.062 in.
Center To Center: 1.125 in.
Height: 1.75 in.
Overall Height: 2.188 in.
Overall Width: 1.437 in.