(10) DOUBLER PLATES ROUND ALUMINUM(10) DOUBLER PLATES ROUND ALUMINUMRound Plate Shown Used as ReinforcementRound Plate Shown as Doubles
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Dimpled for Flat Head buttons

1.75 in. Diameter
0.040 in. Thick
0.965 in. Rivet Hole Spacing
0.435 in. Center Hole Diameter

Satin Vibratory finish

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Doubler plates are good idea for new construction, and often used to repair worn panels if needed. These aluminum plates measure 0.040" thick, and are designed to accept the Flat Head Style buttons when used on the surface of a panel as a wear plate.

May also be used with either the flat head or dome head style buttons when a inner panel spring reinforcement is needed on the backside in panel to panel installations. The rivet hole spacing accepts the C73-525-10 springs.

Easily installed by riveting on location for increased strength to fiberglass, carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum panels.

Rivet holes measure 1/8" diameter, the center hole measures 0.435" diameter.

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Round Doubler Plate: C73-536-10
Diameter: 0.435 in.
Center To Center: 0.965 in.
Diameter: 0.13 in.
Diameter: 1.75 in.
Center To Center: 0.965 in.