Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-512 C42-512 $93.95 Each
C42-514 C42-514 $93.95 Each
C42-516 C42-516 $93.95 Each
C42-517 C42-517 $93.95 Each
C42-552 C42-552 $98.95 Each
C42-554 C42-554 $98.95 Each
C42-556 C42-556 $98.95 Each
C42-557 C42-557 $98.95 Each
C42-562 C42-562 $98.95 Each
C42-564 C42-564 $98.95 Each
C42-566 C42-566 $98.95 Each
C42-567 C42-567 $98.95 Each

Control Levers

Pro-werks heat-treated aluminum control levers are designed for custom installations requiring hand control. They are perfect for dragsters, altereds, funny car brake levers. Other applications include reverser and custom shift levers.

Precision CNC machined to be as light as possible, with a 3/8" diameter pivot hole in a choice of either a 1/4" or a 5 /16" thick lever. The linkage attachment hole is not pre-drilled, allowing flexibility in location for your specific application. Check with your sanctioning body to confirm the proper choice required for your application.

The smooth radius edges eliminate sharp corners for added driver safety. The ergonomic aluminum grips provide superior comfort and control. The grips are available in a variety of  eye catching Pro-werks Brilliance anodized colors and also Micro-polished aluminum.

An optional aluminum shutoff lever is also available when a combined control of a fuel shut off or chute control is desired.

Proudly made in the USA.