Speed Flex Pre-Assembled Hose

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
63010120 63010120 Each
63010140 63010140 Each
63010144 63010144 Each
64191912 64191912 Each
64191916 64191916 Each
64191920 64191920 Each
64191924 64191924 $32.81 Each
64191932 64191932 Each

Speed Flex Pre-Assembled Hose

  Saves time and money! These are Earl's factory assembled hoses made from Speed Flex Teflon Hose, ideal for brake, clutch, instrument and injection hoses. Each hose is pressure tested to 4,000 psi. Maximum operating pressure: 2,000 psi.

  Hoses listed are #3 with #3 AN female straight swivel ends on both ends, or #4 hose with #4 AN female straight swivel ends on both ends.

  These individual hose assemblies are not certifiable to D.O.T. standards, therefore, they are to be used on off-road applications only.