Seals It Washers

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-473-2 C73-473-2 $7.99 Pkg of 2
C73-474-2 C73-474-2 $7.99 Pkg of 2
C73-475-2 C73-475-2 $7.99 Pkg of 2
C73-476-2 C73-476-2 $7.99 Pkg of 2
C73-477-2 C73-477-2 $8.99 Pkg of 2
C73-478-2 C73-478-2 $8.99 Pkg of 2

Add Extra Life

Extends rod end life by sealing out dust, moisture and foreign debris. Fits any style of rod end, the washer portion measures .063" thick.

Conveniently packaged in a quantity of  2 (enough to outfit one rod end).

Made in the USA

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