Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-454 C42-454 $351.95
C42-456-2 C42-456-2 $34.95 Pkg of 2
C42-457 C42-457 $19.95 Each
C42-458 C42-458 $24.95 Each
C42-460 C42-460 $9.95 Each
C42-461 C42-461 $13.95 Each
C42-462 C42-462 $6.95 Each
C42-463 C42-463 $20.95 Each
C42-465 C42-465 $10.95 Each

Stiletto Front Spindles

Stiletto Ultra Spindles are CNC machined and precision honed from a heat treated Chromoly, American produced forging. The forging process creates a desirable directional flow of the steel grain, resulting in a maximum strength spindle of this design. These are the preferred choice for Dragsters, Funny cars and Altereds.

Each spindle is individually hardness tested, and 100% non-destructive Magnaflux inspected. Even the spindle nut is forged and precision machined. High tensile ARP 12 point fasteners are standard equipment for ultimate strength in securing the Chromoly steering arms and domed aluminum cap.An optional tow cap is also available. The rifle drilled precision centerless ground King Pins are hardened for maximum wear resistance. Structured sintered alloy – PTFE bushings and thrust washers provide superior durability with less resistance for smoother steering. These exceptional low friction materials will perform dry. Lube is recommended during initial assembly. Engineered and race track proven for your confidence, Stiletto Steering components are the best value in racing and precision crafted in the USA.

The spindle diameter is dimensionally the same as the Early English Ford Anglia. Each set includes (2) spindles, (2) bosses, (2) 5" arms, (2) king pins, (2) caps and hardware.