Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-640 C73-640 $7.95 Each
C73-640-20 C73-640-20 $114.48 Bag of 20
C73-641 C73-641 $8.95 Each
C73-641-20 C73-641-20 $128.88 Bag of 20
C73-642 C73-642 $9.95 Each
C73-642-20 C73-642-20 $142.88 Bag of 20
C73-643 C73-643 $10.95 Each
C73-643-20 C73-643-20 $158.00 Bag of 20
C73-644 C73-644 $11.95 Each
C73-644-20 C73-644-20 $172.08 Bag of 20
C73-645 C73-645 $15.95 Each
C73-645-20 C73-645-20 $229.68 Bag of 20

High-Flow Bungs

Precision CNC machined and available in your choice of 6061-T6 aluminum or steel, these male bungs feature a contoured inlet for maximum flow. The stepped shoulder provides location in a hole, on a flat surface, in a tank, or on end of tubing while welding.