Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C93-030 C93-030 $38.95 Each
C93-036 C93-036 $39.95 Each
C93-042 C93-042 $40.95 Each
C93-048 C93-048 $41.95 Each
C93-054 C93-054 $42.95 Each
C93-060 C93-060 $42.95 Each
C93-066 C93-066 $44.95 Each
C93-072 C93-072 $44.95 Each
C93-078 C93-078 $44.95 Each
C93-084 C93-084 $44.95 Each
C93-090 C93-090 $45.95 Each
C93-096 C93-096 $45.95 Each
C93-102 C93-102 $46.95 Each
C93-108 C93-108 $46.95 Each
C93-114 C93-114 $47.95 Each
C93-120 C93-120 $48.95 Each
C93-126 C93-126 $48.95 Each
C93-132 C93-132 $49.95 Each
C93-138 C93-138 $49.95 Each
C93-144 C93-144 $50.95 Each

Ultimate Clip Type Cable

The Silver Jacket Ultimate cable with its unique armored flexible cable core is capable of tight radius bends with minimal resistance. These 33 series cables feature a Clip Type mount with a 10-32 NF threaded rod on both ends, and provide a total of 3" of travel. The housing measures .325" diameter.

These are ideal for any cable operated application that requires pushing or pulling and well suited for extreme use environments.

Popular uses include:

  • Throttle Controls
  • Shutoff Valves
  • Parachute Releases
  • Remote Battery Switches

The unique flat winding around the multi strand core is part of the inner secret to the Silver Jacket Ultimate cable’s superior performance. This construction delivers in the best of both worlds  flexibility of a multi-strand core with the smooth and consistent responsiveness of a solid wire core.

Fitted with efficient dynamic seals and requiring very little effort; these lightweight cables have a full circle of reinforcement wires to protect and support the inner liner, influencing positive load transfer with minimal lost motion. This combination should be considered as an upgrade replacement for Teleflex Morse type cables.

Rated at 60# pull and 50# push, intermittent loads may exceed these ratings considerably without failure. These recommended load ratings reflect a balance between maximum load and reasonable cable life.

These aren’t a flimsy garden equipment control cable that will let you down when you need it the most.

As the Silver Jacket name implies, these cables come in our trademark silver color which compliments any color scheme.

Here's another bonus that you’ll appreciate. For proper fitment, Silver Jacket Cables are sized in 6" intervals, so you can actually get the length that you need!

Measuring Tip:
 To determine the proper length for your application, measure the tip-to-tip cable length by using a flexible rule to snake through the actual intended cable route.

See our Cable Hardware section for many mounting options, knobs, handles and watch the Video to see them in action!

The Pro-Werks’ Silver Jacket Cables are proudly made in the USA.

"Wow! Silver Jacket cables are smooth as butter."
Another Satisfied Customer at the PRI Show