Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C72-025 C72-025 $49.95 Each
C72-026 C72-026 $16.95 Each
C72-027 C72-027 $84.95 Each
C72-028 C72-028 $109.00 Each

Cut-Off Switches

Master Cut-Off Switch

Spliced into the positive battery cable, this heavy-duty switch positively shuts off all electrical current. Rated at 175 amps continuous, this type of switch is required by most sanctioning bodies.

Master Cut-Off Switch with Lever

This complete cut-off switch kit includes # C72-025 switch, lever, 18" long remote rod, and tee handle.

Big Master Cut-Off Switch with Lever

This heavy duty battery disconnect kit includes mount bracket and 18" long remote rod and tee handle.