Image Part Number Description Price Unit
P40006 P40006 $4.99 Each
P40007 P40007 $5.49 Each
P40008 P40008 $5.99 Each
P40009 P40009 $6.99 Each
P40010 P40010 $7.49 Each
P40011 P40011 $7.99 Each
P40012 P40012 $8.49 Each
P70401 P70401 $7.49
P70402 P70402 $6.49
P70403 P70403 $7.49
P70404 P70404 $8.49
P70406 P70406 $10.99

Quick Connect Terminal Kits

Make your own locking quick connect plugs easily and quickly. Each kit is supplied with one male and one female connector and the appropriate number of quick connect wire terminals.

Now available in Standard or Weatherproof style.