Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-745 C73-745 $9.95 Each
C73-745-L C73-745-L $14.95 Each
C73-745-XL C73-745-XL $16.95 Each
C73-765 C73-765 $9.95 Each
C73-765-L C73-765-L $14.95 Each
C73-765-XL C73-765-XL $16.95 Each
C73-785 C73-785 $11.95 Each
C74-785 C74-785 $17.95 Each

Built-in features and extra height

Pro-werks Easy Turn Fill Cap weld-in  bungs are available separately. There are many height choices listed here to meet your unique requirement. Certain heights are only offered by themselves, requiring the Pro-werks Easy Turn Fill Cap to be purchased individually for a complete assembly.

Precision machined of mild steel with ample cross section to reduce warping during welding, and is sized correctly for the radial squeeze O-ring design of the Pro-werks Easy Turn Fill Cap.

Proudly made in the USA.